Fast Facts: Land Area: 4,946 hectares Number of barangays: 6 Classification: 5th class municipality Population: 8,579 (as of 2015)

Kulay Festival – an annual weeklong celebration which marks the establishments of Basco as a municipality and usually kicks off on April 15. It highlights the colorful tradition of kapangulay or the art of drying farm produce and fish catch, a traditional Ivatan way of adapting to the harshness of weather conditions.

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral – The seat of the Roman Catholic Church in the provice, this is the first parish church to be built in the province in the early 18th century, made up of cogon grass roofing. It was also the first to have galvanized iron roofing in the 1980s. The feast of its patron saint, Sto Domingo de Guzman, is celebrated by the Ivasays every Aug 8.

Champan/Valugan Boulder Beach – The rock bay is popularity known for its long stretch of boulders due to Mt. Iraya’s eruption in 400 AD. The rock formation, smoothed over time by the strong Pacific waves, presents a panoramic link between the sea horizon and Mr. Iraya.

Naidi Hills – An old sitio derived from the Ivatan words “Na” which means past and “Idi” which means settlement of community. Located here are the American-era wireless telegraph facilities which were bombed by Japan during World War II. One can also get breathtaking view of the town atop the hilltop 66-feet lighthouse.

Basco Rolling Hills – These are seemingly endless waves of rolling hills which boasts of the perfect combination of landscapes and seascapes which can be enjoyed from afar but is best experienced when explored on foot. The site is the best vantage point for an unhamplered view of the province’s three major islands.

Nakamaya Burial Site – These boat-shaped grave markers are testimonies to belief of pre-historic Ivatans who believe in life after death.

Dipnaysuhuan Japanese Tunnel – Located in the hills of Tukon, this five-door tunnel, complete with a series of chambers, a bunker that serves as a lookout spot, and a water reservoir, was constructed during the Japanese occupation as defensive position.

Mt. Iraya – Towering over Basco at approximately 1,009 meters above sea level, this dormant volcano is the first attraction you will see upon landing in the airport.

Kural Marine Sanctuary – The diversity of marine life makes it one of the best, yet undiscovered dive sites in the country.