Fast Facts Land Area: 1,180 hectares Number of Barangays: 4 Classification: 6th class municipality Population: 1,327

House of Dakay – Probably the most photographed Ivatan house, it was built of lime stone in 1887 and owned by Luisa Estrella who bequearthed. It to her favorite nephew, Jose “ Dakay” Estrella. A survivor of the destructive earthquake of September 13, 1918 which has destroyed much of the town, its shutters and floor have never been changed and has retained much of its authentic look through the decades.

Tampan Burial Marker and Ijang Fortress – this boat shaped burial marker is so far the most accessible among those found in the province. It is located a few steps away from the Ijang in Vatang. San Jose el Obrero Church – Built in 1784 by Fr. Fausto de Cuevas, it is the only church in Batan with a separate belltower constructed 30 years later.

Honesty Coffee Shop – An unmanned refreshement store which has become famous worldwide for showcasing Ivatan’s honesty. There is no standby seller, the owners rely on the honestly of its customers when paying for goods taken from the store.

Spanish Bridge – Located in the heart of the town, this was constructed and formed part of the main road of Ivana during the Spanish period as the road leads to the doorstep of the Church. It is still being to date by people and trucks alike.

Maydangeb Beach – A cove with multi-colored rocks and white/cream colored sand, which is ideal for picnics, beach combing and beach sports. It is located along the national highway about 9 kilometers from Basco and is being maintained by both Mahatao and Ivana Local Government Units (LGU’s).