Fast Facts Land Area: 4,708 hectares Number of Barangays: 6 Classification: 6th class municipality Population: 1,621

Savidug Barrio – A village which abounds in traditional houses, it is the site where the endangered black face spoonbill was sighted years ago and continues to fly in the area.

Chavayan Barrio – A visit to Batanes is incomplete without immersing oneself in this village, the cradle of Ivatan culture and heritage. Famous for its rows o old houses, narrow streets, and old sites, Chavayan is likely what will leave lasting memories on your visit.

Savidug Ijang – Ijang are ancient Ivatan settlements which served as fortresses against ivaders. The fortification in Savidug is considered to be the most beautiful and perfectly shape in the province.

Ahaw/Morong Beach – On eof the iconic and most photographed spots in Batanes because of its rock arch formation in beach cove, and is an ideal site for picnic, snorkeling and camping.

Duvek Cove – Tucked inside Brgy. Sumnanga where remnants of Ivatan houses are being restored, this cove boasts of the most pristine corals in Batanes.

Vuhus Island – An unhibited islet of Sabtang with a fine coral beach on the eastern side, and the shores on both sides of the channel are bordered by reefs. The islet is used as pastureland for cows, carabaos and goatsby the people of Sabtang.